Long & lost return..

Now with a Pandemic in the world , change of view on things too..

A little bit of an update saying My Journey Ends Here.

It evolves , shit evolves , you grow & so do you’re perceptions. As you get groundhog days & them sweet chill good days the Life is like a box of chocolates quote like from Forrest Gump.

I wish the last part of this could be truly achieved . When we are trying to live & evolve amongst toxic vexing people you can’t deny they don’t exist . You can only knock it out your system sometimes , Yes its the way we have to digest some of these things. Being woke to reality & to inner peace is still a war. We accept it move on from it but the gaslighting will always be there .

You’d think being there is a pandemic that there would be more unity , I’ve been able to see some of it but it didn’t last . Be safe to all the people who can translate my random scrambled rants & epiphanies .

N.O.T.E To my bro I love you very much , you know who you are πŸ’• Thank you for protecting & saving me at the worst of times. Battling deminΓΈns together since 199X

You are an Angel

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