Some people just really like to press you’re buttons.. So I feel I’m being dragged into a competition I’m not even apart of just cuz everyone else is around me.. I keep my distance & respect my freedom not running in the rat race in a loop of who’s the better person now kinda crap.. … Continue reading Competition..

Kill Our Way To Heaven.

When you take the Crown you feel released.. But sadly the ones who you wanted to save end up suffering.. You’re heart feels love for the lost souls.. The tears you shed sacrificing yourself for them but they just kept stabbing my heart with a knife.. Even if I was bleeding out I kept on … Continue reading Kill Our Way To Heaven.

What do you Fear?

The thing I feared most already happened to me… So now I don’t fear anything.. I feared loosing my family & I did.. Parents fought grew apart didn’t care how I felt kept using me as a scapegoat for there frustrations… & now lost someone I thought I could grow old with.. It was hard … Continue reading What do you Fear?

Gaia – Mother Earth

This I wonder is the modern day Religion Prophecy? After reading this it answered 2 things I’ve been longing for answers & it all interconnects yet again for me. Gaia The Lifestream in Final Fantasy & Then this links me to the Movie Advent Children. Aka our Mother Earth. See this hidden connection? All these … Continue reading Gaia – Mother Earth