Deminion Bull Shit (DBS) is a common ingredient found in the minds of the ignorant. DBS is a detergent, which means it does a good job of breaking up shit that’s petty & some that’s tolerable. It’s also the substance that makes your mind get frothy when you wanna kill people.
So how does DBS contribute to contact insanity? One common myth is that the bs on our mind is souly our thinking, but the truth is that we need a reasonable amount of it for protection. While DBS is useful for breaking up pathetic foreign mind attacks, it also breaks up the layer of sanity that keeps our mind’s from drying out into complete insanity. And while it’s not technically an allergen because it doesn’t provoke a reaction from the immune system, DBS can cause contact insanity and aggravate the defense by weakening that sanity threshold on our minds. This means that DBS can usher other allergic elements into your body. After repeated exposure to these elements, you may develop reactions to things you weren’t allergic to before.
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iHe Didn’t Make It…

The poor little thing passed away 3 days after he was born.. He is in a better place than this Cruel world..  2/6/2017 – 5/6/2017 左之助Phoenix

Without the care of a mom dog it’s harder for the chances of survival..

It’s a hit & miss for a thing so tiny & be fed cow milk / human baby formula when it really needs it’s mom’s milk or dog milk formula it’s very difficult..

You can’t mentally do that because it doesn’t work like endangered animals in zoos it’s sad that zoos are the only place actually saving them because if they were out in the wild … These heartless deminions go hunting them & use them for Witch Dr rituals so their chances of survival gets taken away …

This world is a mess & needs a reset…

Picture was the few hours after I saved him I had cleaned the best I could he was drenched in mud 😦 Because his mom was throwing him around like a Rag Doll & threw him in the mud where I had to grab him because she started biting him to kill him but I had to kick her off of him…


It can be beautiful ..It can also be damn right cruel..

This little life here..

His mother wanted to kill him how can this even happen?

It’s just so wrong how something so small can’t defend itself & I saved him but he still has to fight to live …

With help he was adopted by a guy who rescued a baby goat that lost its mother & so it has a chance at life..

I feel so sad about it because I wish I had the money & power to take care of him myself but my fight for life is the same I have to fight for my responsibilities too..

Its how this life is.. There are couples who finds out they can’t have kids who really want one.. Then the local whore who one night stands with someone & gets pregnant only to neglect it….

I always post about life but this one is really where things cross the line..

Treat you like Shit

When you are a scapegoat to a group of people who pick on you for no reason I oftentimes wonder how the hell are they not burning or dying from the shit they do? Do they not see what they are doing? & Why I wonder do they  wonder why I graciously ignore all kinds of communication with them if they are alone & not grouped up together? 

My view on these Ignorant Sods is simple they are trash & deserve shit massaged into their faces lol..

Point is simple I’m sure it can only go so far until karma comes back on them

It’s over due!

Living you’re Life…

I’m inspired by a good friend of mine who went through a rough patch with a deminion today who called him “Lazy” & yet he is applying for a job…

This is how this goes.. Lazy in that deminions perspective is to challenge a person to compete ego to ego .. Ego isn’t always good because it’s a cesspool in most cases for Narcissism to inflate.. & believe me a narcissistic person then will hate when you actually do better than them so wtf is that ?

As we few strive for peace & actually do try to live in peace we don’t need petty drama from a insecure narc who just found a way to vent his personal aggrivations on us …

I have gone through all that my friend went through hearing my family say it cringed & made me sick to the core cuz they actually go all that way to be plastic & pretend nothing is wrong.. I don’t live like that honesty & realism wins best why fake yourself? & not feel guilty?

Challenging a person just to feel good about yourself isn’t going to work..

Karma does happen it’s going to bitch slap in the face in the form of there own selves.

Deminion Idiots..

See straight through there corrupted​ vessels

We’re the masters of our own fate 

It just hurts because there is no perfect..
& that part hurts most is we hope one bit can be perfect ..
But we know it isn’t ..
all we want is to be loved by someone
& be secure..
with someone we can tolerate…

Just for us..

We don’t have anything wrong with the world..
It’s the deminions …

Who sacrifice being who they truly want to be for being a deminion a slave scared in denial that takes every opportunity when they can to take their frustrations out towards people who do live there true selves.

Senseless murders , Racism , Sexism , Statism , Stockholm Syndrome , Body Shaming , Poverty , Hunger , Psychopaths , Sociopaths..

The war we fight is within that’s why it comes out.. Because some people don’t know how to control who they are & go by what others decide for them..

Because of the confliction between what we truly know is good & what we think could be good..

Perception of Deception
☮️ Divide & Conquer