For the Human Collective

Judgment is final settling the unfinished business dividing the sheep’s from goats leveling out Justice.. While the sun & the inner child begins a new journey discovering what you want & thought you wanted.. The Creator sets the divine intervention πŸ’œ Trust , Love & Be..

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Keeps showing itself in my life.. Our hedge suddenly has a flower & its impossible to grow in the hedges environment because its not even close to the ground.. Red: This powerful color stands for the Blood that Jesus shed for our forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and salvation. It is the Fire of His Holy Spirit […]

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The creators messages

Life is not what it appears to be. Red dragonfly says we must see through the illusions in life for then we can make this great transformation while still in body and life, before death. As above, so below. If we can lighten our load and evolve into the vibration of light in the body, […]

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Rising Sign : Gemini β™Š Ascendant Gemini discovers the world with incisive cognition and curiosity towards the environment and without prejudice. Ascendant Gemini has a profound interest in companions. They are communicative and at a societal level are privileged as eloquent speakers. They invite you to take part in their lives and experiences. Caused by […]

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I made mistakes that some people can’t remove from their heads that I stopped being in my life because it doesn’t serve me as me , I’m a boring person without people , but aren’t we all ? If i don’t make an imprint on people’s lives I don’t really have a connection with them […]

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