Lost my Helix

So recently I had to retire my Helix Piercing.. The one I did with a gun .. Yes lesson learned.. So I am able to sleep on this ear but it was a bad idea for the fact that the friction caused a blood blister & now the earring won’t go in anymore it bursts […]

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The effects of Ignoring

It has its good side & bad.. Because things get unresolved , or resolved.. Dealing with someone who is lying in denial of a situation is very difficult.. They shut off every kind of resolve you have for them leading anger to be the only thing that they actually listen to but gets the wrong […]

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Loving Someone

Loving a person is a gamble of faith.. When drama occurs but its made by the most stupid things bit by bit you start to question Love & what it means to you.. When you still seek good in the person you have an expectation & you can’t help but keep that as your reason […]

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At Home Piercing – Tragus

Pierced my Tragus at home with these tools. 1st of all I don’t recommend piercing yourself like I did. Go to a professional piercer l. I don’t have any professional piercers near me also the fact the country im living in isn’t modern & still conservative with their ways so piercings are rare.. I tried […]

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Pickle Juice

Since I have discovered pickle Juice & added it into everything I ate I discovered a new life LøL… Its opened me up to a whole new world..

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“Those whose eye happens to look down into the yawning abyss becomes dizzy.. hence, anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”

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